Get the Power Market Experts on your side.

  • Review current contracts to make sure your business is tied into the lowest cost connection level agreement.
  • Provide your facilities team with access to live power readings so that load can be better managed.
  • Make comparisons between tracker and fixed electricity tariffs more transparent, so better procurement decisions are made.
  • Provide daily/hour gas price updates on the forward markets, so that gas & electricity prices can be hedged forward at competitive rates.
  • Schedule load to use lowest priced times and switch off non-critical load during high cost periods.
  • Allow a (non-critical) portion of the electricity profile to be switched off or an on-site generator started remotely by the National Grid (via an aggegrator known as a Demand Side Unit) and receive capacity payments in compensation. This is also applicable to sites with a Diesel Generator.
  • Provide an independent review and paybacks of energy saving capital projects, including wind turbines, led lighting retrofits and solar photovoltaic panels.
  • For CHP (Combined Heat & Power) owners, access market information to optimise run hours so that power is imported (purchased) when the import cost is lower than the running costs of the generator, and if there is an export potential, then better returns can be invariably be obtained using a time of day tariff model.